Best Exercises to Get a Trim Waist – Get a Trim Waist and Look Sexy When you're Naked!

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Lifestyle diseases such as sugar diabetes, high blood pressure as well as obesity to name just a few... obviously this are rampant nowadays and the number one cause of the decrease of your life span. In order to escape or avoid all of this, you have to really take good care of your waist fat as much as possible.

For men, the perfect size of the waist must not be more than 38 inches and for women the ideal size must be lower than 33 inches or must be lower than 35 inches. Overall (BMI) or Body Mass Index must be taken also seriously which takes into account your overall weight and height. For best results get the advice of a certified physical fitness trainer as well as your doctor to help you choose the best and suitable exercises to get a trim waist.

Our recommendations below are some of the most basic and healthy exercise you can try and begin at the comfort your home to start losing stomach fat naturally.

1) The tried and tested "Side Bends Exercise" This one is very excellent in working out your muscles around the waist. Performing this kind of exercise can be done in a standing position or you can also sit in a chair in a straight position performing the side bends. Watch and Keep your knees slightly bent and keep some space in your legs while you are in a standing position.

You need to carry and get small weights in both of your hands and begin touching your knees with the weight in each hand, do it simultaneously. Switching your hands while you bend slightly can also be done. This will cause the abdominal muscles to contract. Performing more than 20-30 reps per day can easily eliminate some extra fat and get a trim waist.

2) The other trusted one is the "Side Crunches Exercise" Very important and excellent for toning the muscles around your belly and it helps to lose waist fat dramatically in few days if you keep doing it on a daily basis. This form of exercise is not easy and is not comfortable in the beginning but after some daily practice, it can be done comfortably. The waist muscles can be tightened and carved effortlessly with the help of this exercise.

This exercise is very simple and easy to follow. You can begin with right side and then go to the left side. First lie down on your right side and put your right hand on your right side of the stomach. At the same time, put your left hand on your left ear and point the left elbow towards the ceiling. Now begin exerting some pressure on your right side and raise your right leg and right arm as close to each other as possible. Always remember that in this position, your head must be as close to your right knee as much as possible.

Doing this kind of position helps you to tightened and tone your abdominal muscles and eliminates fat around your waist naturally. The moment you finish exercising on the right side you can then start working out on your left side. Perform 15-25 reps for every position.

These are the 2 best exercises to get a trim waist that can also really help you in losing abdominal fat. Try it and discover the results for yourself.

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Best exercises to Get a Trim Waist and to quickly lose abdominal fat Combine with and effective weight loss plan to carry out is the best way to lose weight. Don't be fooled that many people tend to going on "quick fix" diets, which will only lead to roller-coaster weight loss and weight gains.

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Best Exercises to Get a Trim Waist – Get a Trim Waist and Look Sexy When you're Naked!

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This article was published on 2011/06/22