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The Spanx High Waist Footless Pantyhose is the latest waist shapers product from Spanx. Containing mesh for ventilation, this garment is constructed from a blend of Lycra and polyamide. The price point for these waist shapers begins at $27.99. These high waisted, footless panty hose create a slimmer silhouette by molding and forming the midsection of a woman's figure. In addition to toning the midriff, these pantyhose are also adept at creating a more toned appearance for a woman's thighs and buttocks. The waist line of these panty hose ends below the bust line so that a woman can wear any type of brassiere she chooses. This waist shapewear ends and extend below the knee; therefore, there is an absence of noticeable lines or marks underneath a person's clothing. The leg band is adjustable to allow a woman to wear any type of shoes. This level of flexibility allows an individual to wear this garment with a variety of clothing. A cotton double gusset allows these pantyhose to double as underwear. Available for purchase in either black or nude, this product is virtually indistinguishable to an individual from regular pantyhose. The waist shaper reviews for this product have, overall, been rather favorable.

Numerous consumers agree that this body shaping underwear is, in their opinion, almost perfect. It is commonly agreed that these waist shapewear is perfect for almost any situation, and it can be worn for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. This product was found to be more comfortable than previous department store products that the women had tried. Similarly, most women were duly pleased with the amount of control that the pantyhose exercise over their unsightly bulge. On average, it takes a woman approximately fifteen minutes to put this body shaping underwear on and to adjust it to their needs. However, most women also agreed that purchasing the right size in this product is highly important, due to the tightness of the Spanx on a woman's figure. Several reviewers had experienced the waistband of the garment rolling downward slightly when they moved, and for this reason, these reviewers recommended that this waist shapewear not be worn with form fitting or sheer dresses or shirts. There were also several minor complaints about the "access panel" in the crotch of the pantyhose. Most women found this option to be messier and less sanitary than simply removing the pantyhose altogether.

The primary complaint against the slimming underwear is the fact that it tends, in consumers' minds, to develop runs rather often. The legs of this garment are constructed of the same mesh material as regular pantyhose are. The fragility of the material was not popular with most consumers. These consumers preferred the Spanx Thigh Length Pantyhose by comparison. Because of the tendency to run, several consumers stated that they would have expected a product that retained a higher level of quality.

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Waist Shaper Reviews - Spanx High Waist Footless Pantyhose

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This article was published on 2010/07/09